Shalini Ganendra

Shalini Ganendra’s impact on cultural development has been defined through over two decades of informed programming, research, publication and commitment to inter- and multi-disciplinary scholarship and practise, with a focus on featuring the distinct and longstanding creative practises of Sri Lanka and Malaysia. She is Sri Lankan by birth. 

Some notable projects include: the five year, UNESCO Observatory-endorsed Vision Culture Lectures that culminated in a dedicated Arts in Asia UNESCO Observatory 2016 publication; the non-profit cultural marquee Gallery Weekend Kuala Lumpur with its Luminary Programme  featuring international and local creative experts; and continuing multi-disciplinary and trans-national projects and research. She has  organised pioneering exhibitions of Sri Lankan modern and contemporary art in Kuala Lumpur and in New York and advised the Malaysian government on culture.  She has researched and published widely on aesthetic practises and continues to develop exhibition, research  and residency modules through her eponymous cultural organisation based in Kuala Lumpur.


Shalini was appointed to the Tate Gallery Acquisitions Committee (SAAC) in 2017 and has served on numerous panels including: Sovereign Art Prize, HK;  inaugural Caochangdi PhotoSpring Festival (Les Rencontres d’Arles Photography Festival), Beijing; Smithsonian Institution’s SARF program (Smithsonian Artist Residency Fellowship); and the Commonwealth Foundation Art Awards.

From July  2019,  Shalini Ganendra will be a Visiting Fellow at Pitt Rivers Museum as well as the Fertility and Reproduction Studies Group in the School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography at the University of Oxford.  Her current research focuses on the application of visual methodologies to colonial and post-colonial images of Sri Lanka, to determine the influence of these images on post-colonial cultural identities.
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