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Crossing Worlds: Hide Coats, Relationships, and Identity in Rupert’s Land and Britain


Decolonization as a Permanent Process: PRM Relations with the Haida Nation, 1998-2018

Museums and Source Communities: Reflections and implications

The Great Box And Its Child: What Happens When Museum Objects Go Home?

Introduction: repatriation and ritual, repatriation as ritual

The Magic of Bureaucracy

Visiting with the Ancestors Blackfoot Shirts in Museum Spaces

A Token of Remembrance: the Gift of a Cree Hood, Red River Settlement, 1844

Governor William B. Caldwell’s Souvenir: Exoticism and a Gentleman’s Reputation

This Is Our Life Haida Material Heritage and Changing Museum Practice

"Ceremonies of Renewal"

The Blackfoot Shirts Project: ‘Our Ancestors Have Come to Visit

Finding long-lost relatives (making the absent present): on the potentialities of North American ethnographic collections in Ireland

‘Just by bringing these photographs…’: On the other meanings of anthropological images

The scholar–practitioner expanded: an indigenous and museum research network

Gathering Places Aboriginal and Fur Trade Histories

'Just by bringing these photographs...': On the other meanings of anthropological images

Almost true’: Peter Rindisbacher’s early images of Rupert’s Land, 1821-26

Colonial Photographs and Postcolonial Relationships: the Kainai-Oxford Photographic Histories Project

Material Culture, Identity, and Colonial Society in the Canadian Fur Trade

On the treatment of dead enemies: indigenous human remains in Britain in the early 21st century

Museums and source communities

Playing Ourselves Interpreting Native Histories at Historic Reconstructions

On the social, the biological—and the political: revisiting Beatrice Blackwood’s research and teaching


'Pictures bring us messages'/sinaakssiiksi aohtsimaahpihkookiyaawa: Photographs and histories from the Kainai nation

Museums and Source Communities A Routledge Reader

Strands Which Refuse to be Braided

My First Years in the Fur Trade The Journals of 1802-1804

Ellen Smallboy Glimpses of a Cree Woman's Life

The Ojibwa of Western Canada, 1780 to 1870