Art groups, visits and resources

The Pitt Rivers is a fantastic resource for exploring creativity in all its forms. This page comprehensively covers everything you need to be inspired in the museum, whether a self-guided or taught. Remember, booking is essential for all group visits.

View a selection of sketchbooks inspired by Museum collections

View a selection of thematically grouped sketchbooks below, inspired by Pitt Rivers collections. Where you see 'see object record' this will link you to photographs of objects drawn in  this work.

Art materials and photography in the Museum

Art materials in the Museum

You may bring:

  • graphite pencils
  • coloured pencils
  • fine-line pens
  • biros
  • collage materials, such as tissue paper, fabric and string
  • scissors
  • water-based glue sticks
  • staplers
  • boards without clips

You may not use:

  • wet materials
  • charcoal
  • pastels

If you decide to do a collage in the Museum, please take care not to leave any mess behind.



You may use flash photography.

Camera tripods are not allowed in the Museum.