National Curriculum Subject Areas: History
Length of session: 75 minutes
Maximum group size: 32

Learning Outcomes
•    Look in detail at objects which have survived from Ancient Egypt and see what they reveal about Egyptian life
•    Identify distinctive characteristics of Ancient Egyptian objects
•    Discover more about the afterlife, beliefs, appearance and communication in Ancient Egypt

Session Outline
In this guided tour round the Museum pupils become detectives and search for objects that tell us about life in Ancient Egypt.
Activity 1 Becoming detectives Pupils find out about their task to become detectives and track down Ancient Egyptian objects round the Museum in this introduction.
Activity 2 Guided tour Pupils are taken on an interactive guided tour of Ancient Egyptian objects round the Museum, including some object handling. Please organise groups to have a ratio of one Education Guide to every ten pupils.
Session 3 Detective activity Pupils track down Ancient Egyptian objects on the ground floor of the Museum in pairs or small groups.

The session ties in really well with our class topic of Ancient Egypt and helped children to put things into context.” (KS2 teacher)