National Curriculum Subject Areas: History
Length of session: 90 minutes
Maximum group size: 32

Learning Outcomes
•    Learn to read objects to see what they reveal about the people who used and made them
•    Develop questioning skills
•    Select and record information relevant to finding out about a mystery person

Session Outline
In this practical workshop pupils use historical enquiry skills to find out about a mystery person and discover what objects can reveal about people and places.
Activity 1 Handling game In small groups pupils rotate round 8 artefacts and discover what they reveal about the person who used or made them.
Activity 2 Museum search Pupils explore the Museum’s collections and track down different types of objects.
Session 3 Mystery person In four groups pupils examine objects belonging to a mystery person and record information they have found out.

Pacey and informative.  Objects suitably challenging – debating amongst the children.” (KS2 teacher)