National Curriculum Subject Areas: Art
Length of session: 60 minutes
Maximum group size: 32

Learning Outcomes
•    Understand that masks can be worn for different reasons: protection, performance, celebration and ceremony
•    Appreciate how the character of a mask can be shaped by colour, material, shape and pattern
•    Support the development of pupil observation and drawing skill

Session Outline
In this interactive session pupils consider why people wear masks and how they are used in celebrations, performances or ceremonies.
Activity 1 Why wear masks? Pupils explore why people wear masks in Britain and round the world, being shown a range of examples.
Activity 2 Handling masks Pupils handle a range of masks considering how character can be shaped by colour, material, shape and pattern.
Session 3 Museum search Pupils look for different types of mask round the Museum.  They select a mask to draw which they feel shows a particular mood.

I was very impressed with the workshop, all children were extremely enthusiastic and fully involved in the sessions.” (KS2 teacher)