National Curriculum Subject Areas: History and History A’ level African Kingdoms
Length of session: 60-90 minutes
Maximum group size: 32

Learning Outcomes

-    To learn about the development of the Songhay, Kongo, Benin, Oyo and Dahomey kingdoms through looking at key objects in the museum’s collections
-    To learn about trade, transport, material, crafts and relations with European peoples within these African Kingdoms
-    To understand the legacies of these kingdoms and how their objects came to be in UK museums

Session Outline

Students will have the opportunity to work with objects from the museum’s archive, handling collection and core collections to gain an understanding of key issues relating to the history of the Songhay, Kongo, Benin, Oyo and Dahomey kingdoms.  
Students will take a guided tour around the galleries to look in-depth at objects that were made and used by people from these African kingdoms. Students will discuss economic structures, wealth, conflict, beliefs, food, craft, aspects of trade, wider culture and the lived experiences of the inhabitants of these kingdoms.
They will also engage with contemporary responses to the appropriation of these important objects during the colonial occupation of West Africa. 

‘The session supported my scheme of work perfectly and staff were keen to double check that all of the content was relevant – a brilliantly bespoke session!’ (Secondary Teacher)